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Make a Donation 

and enter to win a brand new

Low C Tenor Pan by PANTUNER

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We at PAN IN UNITY are very excited about this project!

As you know these projects take a lot to put together

including finances. So If you would like to help the cause

and make a donation, it would be welcome and we

would be extremely appreciative. 


You can make your donations here:








Pay By Check

Pay To: Tracy Thornton

3971 Flannery Lane

High Point, NC 27265

Donate and You Could Win A

Brand New Tenor Pan, Stand & Case


For a 25.00 donation, you will be included to win this brand new Tenor Pan built by PANTUNER

and a Wetzel Pan Stand, plus a case and mallets. The Pan is a Low C Circle of 5ths "Student Series" Tenor Pan specifically created for PAN IN UNITY to help raise money for the project's expenses.

(A $1350.00 Value) 

For each 25.00 you donate we will add another chance to win.

ex. 25.00 = 1 chance to win, 100.00 = 4 chances to win, etc...

ANYONE can enter as well (even outsiders of the project!)

**The Winner will be responsible for shipping**

The winner will be announced when the project is complete and is launched.

We will announce the date when it is set.

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, we are offering the opportunity to register without making a donation

and you can do that              . But if you can, we  hope that everyone will decide to make one,

as we are relying on them to help make this effort work.


Check out PIU Drummer Daron Roberts Playing the PIU Pan

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